Prostitution in general

It is said prostitution is as old as humankind. This seems plausible, even in the earliest scriptures the profession is mentioned. In the Book of Genesis, the first book of the Bible, Judah – grandson of patriarch Abraham, pays a prostitute to have relations with him. Only to find out later the prostitute he visited was his daughter-in-law Tamar.

What is a prostitute?

‘The man or woman at the heart of our subject. He or she offers sex in exchange for money or other benefits.’ The definition seems straightforward. However, reality proves to be much more complicated. There are many forms of ‘having sex’ in which money plays a role.

Just two examples to show how complex the definition of prostitution can be:

• A woman who sleeps with her boss to get a better job, or a nice present
• A man who marries a woman for her family fortune.

Do you consider these examples form of prostitution?

Forced prostitution

Prostitution is a tough business, shrouded worldwide in exploitation and secrecy. In the Red Light District, there is stringent inspection and supervision to minimize potential abuses, the primary aim is the prevention of forced prostitution.

Red Light Secrets sees prostitutes as strong men and women who are thriving in their profession. They exude pride, both in their bodies and their work.


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