Prostitution legalised

Time and time again the government introduced new measures to curb prostitution. Seemingly without success, since it was increasingly prevalent on the streets. When five women were brutally murdered in the mid-fifties of the 20th century, public opinion shifted again. The media called for legalization but instead, the police became more stringent.

Still, the past decades have seen various attempts by different governments to make prostitution into a legal profession. An awareness grew that the position of whores needed serious attention, considering they sometimes work against their will – being forced by so-called ‘loverboys’ or pimps who brought them from abroad under false pretenses.

In the year 2000 brothels in the Netherlands finally became legal, though requiring a permit to do business. Prostitution is nowadays regarded as an official profession, meaning that prostitutes must, like people in any other job, pay income tax and follow rules and regulations applicable to other professions.


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