Red Light Secrets

Step into an intruiging world that remains hidden for most and discover the secrets of the Amsterdam Red Light District in Amsterdams new attraction:

Red Light Secrets, museum of Prostitution

Take a look behind the scenes of the oldest profession in the world and experience how it feels to sit ‘in the window’. Listen to the secrets of the ladies themselves, their dreams and desires, but also the disappointments in their lives.

You’ll also find out that ‘de Wallen’ is more than just the neighbourhood of the Red Light District. A short film introduces you to the other sides of the 
Red Light District. Oh yeah… before we forget: you can also reveil your secrets in Red Light Secrets. Share them with the rest of the world in The Confession!

Visit us daily 11:00 – 0:00h at the Oudezijds Achterburgwal 60H, Amsterdam. Admission € 8,50.


Did you know

Did you know every day 900 prostitutes work in the Red Light District?

Did you know over 290 Red Light Windows exist in the district?

Did you know the district includes a street where only she-males work?

Did you know a prostitute has to pay 150 euros rent for her room, every day?

Did you know a visit to a prostitute in the Red Light District rarely takes more than 10 minutes?