Ten commandments

of prostitution (in the Red Light District)

Every year approximately 5,4 million tourists visit the Red Light District. They walk alongside the canals and through the small alleyways, looking around in amazement. If you are one of them, you are very welcome to experience this unique part of Amsterdam. But keep in mind, this is a neighborhood where people live and work. Some of them are the reason you are here for the prostitutes themselves. This is the place they work, where they try to make a living. They are people who do a hard job, sometimes under difficult circumstances. Please keep this in mind: you are welcome to visit their workplace, but behave, treat them with respect, treat them like you would like to be treated.
‘Ten commandments of prostitution’.

Principles of behavior towards prostitutes

1. Do not take photographs or film
2. Do not tap or spit on the window
3. Be respectful toward the women
4. Do not peek through cracks in the curtains
5. Do not stand in front of the doors or windows
6. When visiting, pay in advance and discuss beforehand what is and is not permitted
7. Never have unprotected sex
8. Be hygienic (clean and well-groomed, not intoxicated)
9. When you suspect force or coercion, call the police on 0900 8844
10. Aggression is not tolerated


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